Thursday, May 24, 2012

Jeff Kay Videos Up!

The wonderful Jeff Kay has put up a couple of my poems on his speakeasynyc YouTube channel. Check them out! 
"Orphan", performed at the Urbana Slam at the Bowery Poetry Club on April 12, 2012.
 "When my Strength Faileth", performed at Urbana on the same night.

The Biography of Catalina Ferro

Catalina B. Ferro is new.
But not the shiny kind of new;
The rough and clumsy kind of new.
Brunette, brown eyes, 147 pounds.
Moderate to large nose.
Aries but wishes she was a Virgo.
Dragon but wishes she was a Dog.
She has been a member of New York City's 2009 and 2011
Group therapy groups
And was awarded the titles of "Worst Attitude" (2009)
And "Miss Congeniality" (2011).
She is a member of the 2012 LouderARTS Slam Team,
Which she hopes will be kind of the same thing.
In 2008 she lost all capacity for fiction
In a freak accident;
This means that her poetry is autobiographical,
Which is pretty sad, considering her poetry,
But hey, what can you do?
Lemons and lemonade, right?
She fears giant chicken-eating spiders
And silence most of all.
She probably didn't sleep last night,
She probably wants to be your friend.