Thursday, July 12, 2012

Emergency Exit Row

A new Jeff Kay video was recently posted to his speakeasynyc YouTube channel.  Emergency Exit Row is the story of one of those strange experiences that tend to happen to me.  People sometimes ask me how much of what is in my poetry is inspired by real life and the answer is: pretty much all of it.  Back in February I flew to Mexico for work and on my way there I found out that I had been assigned an Emergency Exit Row seat.  When the Continental employee boarding us at the gate scanned my boarding pass an alarm went off and red lights started flashing on her console. She then told me I had to swear an oath to properly fulfill my duties as an assistant to the flight crew - this oath was a solemn affair, it involved me raising my right hand and saying the words, "I swear".  I think that just the fact that Continental has adopted this crazy "oath" policy was reason enough for me to have some fun with them, but what really happened was that I honestly didn't want my flight to be any more stressful than flying already is.  I hate flying and I have only recently learned how to fly without having to take a chill pill.  The idea of being responsible for anything more than keeping my shit together for the duration of the flight, was just too much.  So I said no.  And the rest is in the poem...

Many thanks to Jeff Kay for the great editing job and for all that he does for the spoken word community!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sunday Show at the Jujo

This Sunday July 8th I will co-feature with Bernard Block at the Jujo Mukti Tea Lounge.  Come on out to the Jujo at 6pm and have a cuppa while Bernard and I do our best to make you spill your tea.  Cover is 5 dollars (WHAT? ONLY 5 dollars??) which you can put towards one of the Jujo's strange and wonderful brews.  I'll be performing some of the new shit that I've been working on and maybe taking requests... if you ask me nicely.  Hope to see you there!

Monday, July 2, 2012

UpperCase at LouderARTS

TONIGHT!! Come on over to Bar 13 and check out UpperCase, a showcase of newer poets.  I will be performing alongside the amazing Ingamar and the fabulous Todd Anderson.  Come out, get a drink and I'll tell you some more stories from my life.  Hope to see you there.